The Rise of London Fintechs: How they are Reshaping Financial Services

The most reputable companies to be employed by in London do not just have to be the ones who have the best pay to pay their workers. These are also the firms with the strongest company culture. The top 10 capital firms with top salaries and most positive work environments.


PremFina an innovative business offering high-end financial services, was established in the year 2012. The latest version of PremFina has been a spin-off from the parent company, Arabesque Financial Technology. Apart from providing insurance premiums, they also supply the insurance industry with funding lines.

One of London’s most innovative fintech firms, they are. The company is tech-savvy and has innovative gadgets such as Starling Bank, an app-only challenging bank. Furthermore their other offerings, they’re recommended for those looking for more senior software roles, with two engineers and an experienced QA engineer in the making block.


Monzo is among the top tech disruptors of the world of finance. Five years after it was launched in the UK Monzo is now one of the most prominent players in the UK Fintech market. Fintech allows users to manage their money in an easy and simple method. It also provides access to various additional fintech services.

While it’s easy to see why the company has made an impact, the people team at Monzo should not be ignored. In the year 2000, Tom Blomfield, founder and chief executive of Monzo was fired because of exhaustion.

Linklaters LLP

Linklaters LLP, a Fintech-focused law office that has offices across the world can be found at Linklaters LLP. The firm offers innovative guidance to several of the most prestigious Fintech companies. The company provides assistance in legal concerns to startups in various industries like crowdfunding as well as social media.

Linklaters was founded in 1838. Since then, it has grown to become one of the world’s most well-known international companies. The firm has a number of practice areas well-known to the public, including capital markets, litigation as well as restructuring, finance and other products. It is, however, most well-known for its work in the area of financial services.

Fulbright Norton Rose

Norton Rose Fulbright, a worldwide law firm has an office in 50 cities around the globe. The firm offers full-service business legal services, as well as technology consulting. It focuses on providing advice to on banks that are struggling, as with foreign government. The firm also provides a worldwide FinTech consulting practice.

There’s also an impressive litigation practice that focuses on competition law. Robin Adelstein, the US Head of Antitrust for the firm, has been appointed. The former General Counsel was North American General Counsel of Sandoz which is among the largest healthcare companies around the globe. The company also has a strong Corporate and Finance Team in New York.


London is the perfect city for starting your journey into fintech. As well as being home to some famous companies in the fields of finance and technology it’s also a hub for smaller fintechs which have what it takes to go big. In particular, it is where you can find one of the most significant Fintechs for payments, GoCardless, as well as other less well-known names. The city is home to a significant law enforcement community in addition to being an epicenter for technological advancement and banking. In this area, you’ll find the likes of Norton Rose Fulbright and Allen & Overy LLP, among other companies.

The Thought Machine

London is home to many fintech startups as well as small businesses. Most of them are doing excellent on Glassdoor, but there exist some firms that are less well known. For instance, there is Thought Machine, which recently has raised US$160m as part of a Series D round.

Thought Machine is a technology business that helps banks change their outdated IT platforms using cloud-based, new solutions. There are offices located in UK, Australia, Singapore, and the Middle East. The business was started by former Google staffer Paul Taylor and aims to offer a solution that will aid banks to create solid payments.


Revolut is one of the top UK fintech companies, is an example of its growth. Revolut is a rival lender, providing money transfers online, virtual cards, and even cryptocurrency.

However, the company has been criticized for its poor reputation and accused of fostering a hostile workplace atmosphere. Recently, Wired magazines revealed that employees were working long hours. Ex-Revolut employees say that the fast development of Revolut came with a heavy human price.

Last year, in the year 2000, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) began an investigation of Revolut. The FCA concluded that Revolut was not able to comply with sanctions rules. The firm was also accused of having the money had been laundered.


London is the perfect location for you to begin your search if you’re interested in pursuing a career in fintech. London has many banks, such as Starling Bank and Monzo.

They’re changing the landscape of financial services , and draw top tech professionals. Certain have attracted the interest of venture capitalists this is the reason you hear about these companies in the television news. What about their pay and culture?

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