How to Find the Best Fish and Chips in Leeds

Chips and fish have become a staple of British cuisine for hundreds of years. It is possible to enjoy fish fried with piping hot chips, which is easy to understand the reason.

There are a lot of chippy stores within Leeds that serve the finest fish and chips. Here are 13 of our favorites as well as what their customers review them in the following paragraphs.

Wetherby Whaler

Wetherby Whaler, an pub chain, which also provides take-away and restaurants in quaint settings and is famous for its great cuisine and rustic atmosphere. The restaurant has a fan-base across Yorkshire and it is known for the fish and chips it serves.

The company was able keep the original Harry Ramsden’s restaurant located in Guiseley from closure for the rest of its life, after it was bought by a rival company. The firm plans to spend PS500,000 on the refurbishment of the restaurant, which can make it an indispensable component of its network across the country.


Murgatroyds is the best fish and chip store in Leeds and offers both a swift chippy cup of tea and the chance to enjoy an exquisite meal. It is owned by the Chadwick family, this Yeadon restaurant has a welcoming friendly atmosphere with delicious meals made of fish.

There are plenty of options for seafood that are available on the menu, like garlic prawns, smoked haddock and garlic prawns. The menu has a range of options for meat. can be found, such as chicken and fishcakes.

The Town Hall Tavern

Town Hall Tavern Town Hall Tavern can be situated opposite Leeds its famous town hall. It’s the town’s only Timothy Taylor pub that serves the freshest British cuisine and fine beverages.

After a hard day’s work in Leeds, it is an ideal spot to relax. Also, you can meet with friends or share some drinks or two with your family.

It is possible to choose from various Yorkshire-inspired meals. It is possible to choose between the starters, lunch bites and pub staples.

Mother Hubbard

Mother Hubbard’s is one of the most well-known fish and chip shop with branches throughout West Yorkshire. It is known for its crisp battered fish and soft golden chips, the shop is an absolute favorite with lots of.

The restaurant serves some of the traditional dishes, such as Icelandic cod, haddock and other fish served with beef dripping. This is an ideal place to visit if you are looking for the traditional fish and chips of Leeds.

Art’s Cafe Bar & Restaurant

Art’s is a favorite among Leeds locals and visitors to the city centre. It’s located on Call Lane and offers a wide range of food options in addition to the bar is open till late into the night.

This is a fantastic place to enjoy a meal specifically if you want the finest fish and chips you can find in Leeds. The menu a la carte offers a wide selection of dishes and a variety of options.

The man Behind the Curtain

Michael O’Hare was the first to strike Leeds with his graffiti-dotted space of Flannels. The restaurant he runs, The Man Behind the Curtain which was recognized with the Michelin star it is one of Leeds’ most unique and memorable dining experience.

The tasting menus, which he designed have a rich history of theater as well as art and imagination. Every single dish from spicy BBQ red prawns, the smoky BBQ praw sweetbreads made of veal all the way to the char siu Octtopus, and Squab Pigeon, is a display of imagination and creativity.

Charlie Brett’s

Charlie Brett’s is located within a single block of Headingley Stadium. It’s also near to bus route. Charlie Brett’s is in existence for a considerable time. The smiles will be there as you order your delicious seafood and fish.

They also have a gluten-free menu and offer takeaway along with dine-in choices. Leeds Card holders can enjoy discounts of 10.

The best known Icelandic dish they serve is deep-fried, battered Haddock as well as Lincolnshire Maris Piper Chips. You will also find many fish-based options that will please.


Skyliner’s, a business run by family members, is an excellent place to have fried fish and chips. This shop is known for its high-quality fresh fish served in large portions.

They also have a fantastic variety of dishes for side dishes as well as amazing chip shop gravy. They are a popular choice in the eyes of customers and the quality of quality of service is consistently top-of-the-line.

The Oxford Place

Fish and Chips is one of the British traditional, there are many places offering the best. There are many traditional chippys and other places that provide the basic British menu with modern touches.

Golden Union is located close to London’s Oxford Place. It offers vintage vibes as well as delicious fish and chips. Everything is sustainably caught and sourced via East Anglia, and the potatoes are locally grown.

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