Nike Air Zoom Super Rep 2 Review

Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 2 review. This is an awesome new trainer from Nike that fits in the mid-range category. I got this shoe a few weeks ago and have been using it mostly for cross country training. I love it for that – quick release feet lock into place, no slipping, yet plenty of support. Here’s a Nike Air Zoom SuperRep2 review.

DescriptionMen – shoes Fit Pro, Air Shine Elite, Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 2, Nike Air Cushioning, Nike Air Max Review – all trainers in the Air Cushioning series. Color: Black/White recommended use: Training This new Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 2 shoe is built for circuit training, speed workouts and even sprints. The Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 2 packs in just as much support as its older brother, the Nike Air Cushioning. Layers of cushioning and support team up to keep your feet locked in and ready as you lunge forward, jump and charge through each rep.

Fit Pro – basketball shoe/shoe. It’s all about style, fit and feel. These are light weight shoes that offer excellent ankle support as well as a non-slip grip. You’ll love how easy they move in and out of the gym and at the same time they’re extremely comfortable to wear. Nike Air Cushioning wicks away sweat so you stay dry and are able to focus on your training.

Nike Air Cushioning – basketball shoe/shoe. This one is great for all sports. It’s lightweight construction provides maximum comfort for any training session or game. Nike Air Cushioning has rubber outer soles to absorb impact and reduce damage to the court. The inner lining in Nike Air Cushioning is breathable so you can keep cool and have maximum performance while maintaining optimal comfort.

Nike Air Zoom Super Rep – cardiovascular training shoe/shoe. Great for cardio, this is a top shoe for any serious athlete. Its stability and shock absorption will keep you swinging and pummeling for hours while stabilizing your body and delivering maximum power. It features an innovative pod cushioning system to deliver maximum power and stability for the best overall fit.

Nike Air Zoom Super Rep 2 is a solid mid-top trainer with plenty of versatility. If you need a shoe that works with your moves but still stands up to your workouts, then this one is for you. You’ll love the combination of cushioning, support and responsiveness that it offers. Nike Air Zoom has been the king of innovation when it comes to workout gear. Nike Air Cushioning is the latest in technology that delivers unmatched comfort and performance.

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