Elon Musk says Trump’s Twitter account should be reinstated after poll shows narrow support

The realDonaldTrump Twitter account was restored to us. The owner of the account has stated that we’ll use the account according to our guidelines. We’ve had a conversation with the account’s owner. We are looking forward to finding out what the use of the account will be to interact with Twitter’s Twitter community.

1. What was the reason Elon Musk make a tweet about Donald Trump’s Twitter account?

Elon Musk’s tweet about the Twitter account of Donald Trump isn’t clear. It’s important to remember that Musk’s tweet came out just after an opinion poll revealed that Trump’s reinstatement on Twitter was not receiving the support of the majority. Musk might have responded to the poll, and then expressed his views. However, it is also possible it is possible that Musk knew something that he shared to the general public. Whatever the reason Musk’s tweet caused, it has triggered plenty of discussion on the subject.

2. Did Musk’s online poll succeed?

Elon Musk, Tesla’s chief executive Musk, Tesla’s CEO, suggested that President Donald Trump should have his Twitter account restored. Musk then conducted an online poll to gauge the public’s opinion. The majority of people was in agreement with Musk’s opinion in the survey. A lot of people doubted the validity of the poll since the poll was accessible just for Musk’s Twitter followers.

A Short Summary

It appears that Donald Trump was allowed back on Twitter due to an Twitter survey Elon Musk carried out. Some feel that this has caused controversy because some think Musk should not be able to take these kinds of decisions. Musk is excited about the possibility that Trump coming back to Twitter and believes that he’ll use the platform in a constructive way.

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