Each year, the National Signing Day and early sign-up periods highlight to college football teams their eagerness to recruit promising players. Below are the top Florida schools that were successful at recruiting talent for the 2023 football season.

Two of Texas’ most elite receivers from Plantation-American Heritage, Brandon Inniss (IMG) and Carnell Tate were enlisted for the Buckeyes. The Buckeyes also signed Columbia wide receiver and tight end Noah Frier.

Ohio State

Ohio State has the potential to recruit its 12th highest-ranked class in the past 13 years, in 2023. The group this year ranks sixth nationally and features seven top-100 players.

Florida has long been the top choice when it comes to Ohio State on the recruiting route, and there’s no the case in this particular cycle. With coaches who have years of Florida expertise and roots, the Buckeyes already play an important role in Florida.

Carnell Tate as well as Brandon Inniss are the Buckeyes best four potential recruits from the class of. While none of these players are within the top five at their respective positions They are all top-end players, and have been an integral part of Ohio State’s recruitment since its inception.

Bryson Rodgers is yet another high prospect that will join this team during the 2023 recruitment cycle. He played as a junior wide receiver and as a defensive back at Lausanne Collegiate School, Memphis, Tennessee. As a junior, the player recorded career-highs of 117 tackles (10 passing deflections) and 4 interceptions.

Jayden Bonsu Kayden McDonald Kayden McDonald, Jayden Bonsu and Cedrick Hawkins are other important prospects for the class. The former has the potential to play cornerback and safety in Columbus, while McDonald could see some time at either edge rusher or defensive tackle, if his growth in strength is sustained.


The Alabama football team continues to be a success story and is recognized as one of the top programs in the field of recruiting. Coach Nick Saban has capitalized on state talent to create an unstoppable dynasty within Tuscaloosa and is now famous on the national stage for the way that he is able to recruit top blue-chip recruits from all over the nation.

The Crimson Tide is able to achieve this because of the amount of resources that the state provides to the school and the coaches. This includes a state-funded budget to recruit, dedicated administrative aligning, as well as support from fans that is unmatched by any other university.

This allows this to allow the Crimson Tide each year to draw a large number of high schoolers who are from the state they grew up in to Tuscaloosa to pursue their studies at a college. This is the primary reason why Nick Saban has been able to develop the most effective program ever in Alabama football.

Alabama’s 2023 class is likely to be successful in securing players for the state. It is important that Alabama to go beyond Florida for promising players. The Alabama coaching staff has been adamant about this.

The Crimson Tide plans to recruit two quarterbacks and defensive backs during the class of 2023. These new additions give their Crimson Tide a lot of chances for this class to be the most successful recruiting group Alabama has ever had.


Florida has a long history of attracting top athletes from the state. In this year’s tournament it was no different. Gators targeted many of the top players throughout Central as well as Northeast Florida.

The class of this year comprises Ocoee wide receiver Asaad Waseem. St. Thomas Aquinas receiver Isaiah Hardge and Columbia slot receiver Taylor Frier. They’re all highly versatile and athletic players who are able to perform indoors as well and outdoors.

A different name worth watching will be Flager’s Ryan Hill, a Power 5 prospect who’s likely to make an immediate impact. He stood 5-foot-10 with 205 pounds. He was the leader of the team in tackles with 125. He has offers from Iowa State, Tennessee and UCF.

Georgia as well as Florida State also offered him their services. An athletic downhill runner his runs totalled 130 for 940 yards in 2022 . In addition, he scored eight touchdowns running.

Coastal Carolina didn’t have the biggest number of state-based players however they did land Miami Norland running back Ja’Vin Simpkins, as well as Cocoa the quarterback Blake Boda. The Chanticleers have also signed Florida International defensive end Nikola Milovac, Miami-Booker T. Washington athlete Xavier Irvin and Homestead slot receiver Richard Dandridge. The Chanticleers can expect big things from their class. They should enjoy a successful conference.

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