How Attorney General Yost Showed Appreciation to Ohio Law Enforcement at His Ceremony

Ohio’s top law enforcement officers have asked the people to recognize and thank the local police force in recognition the occasion of National Police Week.

The afternoon of Tuesday, the Attorney General Dave Yost visited several law establishments for training in law enforcement to honor his heroes.

The Police Academy at Stark State College received a Yost Special designation of an STAR Training Center. This provides a better standard of quality for basic academies recognized from the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission.

Stark State College

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost recently recognized the college’s Law Enforcement Academy as one of the top programs in Ohio. It was the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission established this distinction and honors programs that do more than simply ensure that their students receive the most effective training and are equipped with the equipment to excel in their chosen field.

Stark State has a close connection with Ohio’s public four-year universities and colleges. It means that the majority of associate degrees earned at Stark State can be transferred to any Ohio four-year institution. If you’re looking to earn a bachelor’s degree in their country of origin it is an excellent benefit.

A degree of associate of arts (AA) from Stark State College is transferable to Miami University for a Bachelor’s in English Studies. Students can gain up to 124 credit which can be applied towards getting the Bachelor of Arts depending on the length of their Stark State College experience.

Central Ohio Technical College

From 1971 onwards, the cost-sharing arrangement with Central Ohio Technical College (now Ohio State Newark) has been in place. Students have the opportunity to receive a more cost-effective education since the two institutions have access to each their facilities and personnel.

In the past, Attorney General Yost has awarded COTC with the STAR Academy Award in recognition of their basic peace officer education program. The award is given to an schools that meet the requirements for minimum education in order to train officers for their duties.

Yost said that he’s happy with COTC’s police academy in their work to safeguard our neighborhoods.

Every one of them have shown outstanding public service throughout their careers. Chief Fowler is a remarkable teacher who works with at-risk kids and coach Indian Creek Chiefs football, and is a part of the committee that runs an advocacy center for children.

Kent State University Police Academy

Kent State University and the College of Applied and Technical Studies of Kent State University are two of the four regional partners that develop “OPOTA close to home” an alliance that will expand the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy’s (OPOTA) and training options for Ohio police officers.

under the supervision of Police Sergeant II, patrols the ground on foot or in a vehicle; protects people and property; reports Safety hazards; investigates or prevents crimes; enforces state laws as well as University Regulations and Rules; Responds to calls from University property owners, and resolves conflicts between groups or individuals at the University; carry firearms and apprehend those who violate the law; takes prisoners to the courthouse or police station. Registers and books prisoners; detains and locates them; issues warrants and records affidavits.

KSU Trumbull police cadets have been trained on how to interact with community. The training included OPOTA basic instruction. Guy Burney is one of the trainers. Guy is a part of the Community Initiative to Reducing the Violence that occurs within Youngstown. Guy creates and develops programs for cadets to understand social and economic conditions of the community so that they are able to better communicate with the community.

Mercer County Sheriff’s Office

In a special ceremony, Attorney General Yost recognizes Ohio’s Top Law Enforcement.

Attorney General Yost has recognized his Mercer County Sheriff’s Office as one of the Ohio police departments. The Mercer County Sheriff’s Office received the award for their work in combating crime and creating safe places for residents to work and live in.

The office is located in Princeton and is the seat of county government for Mercer County. Hugh Mercer, a Revolutionary hero, was the very first to create the county.

Mercer County, which is located in northwestern state that borders Iowa, Putnam, and Sullivan It is located. It shares a border with Grundy County, and used to belong to Livingston County. The county is famous for its agricultural land, which includes numerous farms. Princeton is situated in the middle of Connecticut, and is considered to be it is the center of industry. There are numerous fine manufacturing facilities in the town.

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