An Analysis Of Tourism Ireland’s Video Featuring Rory Best

Rory Best is one of Ireland’s top rugby players and has starred in a Tourism Ireland video highlighting Northern Ireland. “Little stories as well as Giant Spirit’ was created to show viewers in GB a glimpse of Northern Ireland’s stunning landscape as well as the incredible people that make it such a wonderful place to visit.

Ardglass Golf Club

Ardglass is an 18-hole links golf course which offers the most enjoyable golfing experiences in Northern Ireland. It runs along the coast and offers stunning views over and across the Irish Sea on all 18 holes.

A real test for any player, Ardglass combines subtlety and severity with a memorable experience that’s genuinely hard to dislike. There’s no wonder that it is an extremely popular spot to both international and local golfers as well.

It starts with five of the most stunning clifftop holes that you’ve ever played across a rugged coastline, with constant wind in your face, a challenge similar to the ones that other links courses could not compete with.

The next nine holes stretch over the cliffs giving you even more breathtaking panoramas. This is arguably the top golf course in Ardglass and are a real top golfing experience.


In this Tourism Ireland Video To Promote the Northern Ireland region, Rory Best takes us to his favorite places within the county where he was born. This video shows how Northern Ireland has many stories to tell and an enormous spirit. Also, it is the most beautiful of places.

Finnebrogue has become synonymous with delicious food. It’s now one of the United Kingdom’s best-known sausage manufacturers. The company started by making venison but has expanded to manufacture other meat products along with vegetarian/vegan choices.

The Naked Bacon, the first mass-produced rasher that is free of the nitrites that have been found to be carcinogenic is a major success story.

Finnebrogue is known for being a business that is constantly looking to improve food quality. Innovation is what helped Finnebrogue get numerous awards as well as recognition across the country. With its non-nitrite product, it has changed the way bacon is made industry and will continue to expand its product line in the near future.

Trails and Ales Tour

Rory Best, a former football player as well as YouTube’s biggest star, has launched Tourism Ireland Video to Promote Northern Ireland. This is to showcase the beautiful landscape that is Northern Ireland. In the context of PS4 Million, he’ll present some of Ireland’s famous tourist attractions.

The visit included Fodder Cafe in Finnebrogue Woods, Ardglass Golf Club and Castlewellan Forest Park, where He enjoyed The Trails and Ales Tour set in order to provide those who ride and drinkers an unforgettable day. The adventure involved riding the electric bicycle and enjoying the finest beverages in the Mourne Mountains.

Trails and Ales tours combine moderate hikes with a relaxing beers at the local breweries. Cost of registration includes Trails and Ales T-shirt or other swag, a beverage token to the Jekyll Brewery Post-Trail Social and various other benefits. The tour also comes in an attractive app as well as a printed passport that costs $5. All attendees must be over the age of 21 for the trip and wear a safe helmet.


The word fodder is a popular term that is used to refer to food items, specifically straw dried or dried, that feeds domestic animals, such as cattle. However, it is also applied to objects or people which are beneficial for something.

The former Ulster and Ireland the Ireland and Ulster rugby captain Rory Best has teamed up with Tourism Ireland to promote Northern Ireland as a prime location for British visitors. A video called Little Stories and Giant Spirit was created by him. The video showcases his top destinations throughout Northern Ireland, giving viewers an idea of what they could see.

Rory Best says: “Northern Ireland is awash with little stories as well as a huge spirit. There’s a lot to discover, whether it’s Belfast Derry-Londonderry, Belfast, the Giant’s Causeway or the myriad others of beauty spots that are scattered throughout this beautiful part of the world. There are also many amazing characters, making the experience more amazing than ever.

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